Who is Hutton Construction?

Okay, so you’ve been to our website, you’ve followed us on Facebook and Twitter, and you may have even read our article a few months back about what we’re made of. But maybe you still don’t know who we are. Whether you are just hearing about us or you’re an old friend, we think it’s appropriate to (re)introduce ourselves!

So who the heck are we?

We are Hutton Construction, though you probably knew that much. But what you may not know is exactly how we got our start. Let us set the scene for you: The year was 1992. Roseanne, Home Improvement and Cheers were on everyone’s televisions. Wayne’s World (Party on, Garth!) was a hit in the theaters. Gas was $1.05/gallon and the space shuttle Endeavour was making its first flight into outer space.

A month before that launch, a smaller rocket took off right here in Wichita, Kansas. The captain was none other than Mark Hutton and he had a vision to take care of customers in a way they had never experienced before in the construction industry. Whether they were building a new school, hospital, church or one of the many other types of projects we’ve taken on in the past twenty years, they would experience our driving principle of doing whatever it takes to make the job right, right from the start.

Any great building starts with a solid foundation. A great company works in much the same fashion. To compromise this vision would be compromising our foundation, and that just won’t happen. Accomplishing this relies on exceptional processes, people and materials. We’ve adopted the technology, acquired the knowledge and streamlined the processes, and this helps us to focus the right talent at the right time on every phase of the job. In turn, the project is completed on time and on budget.

Efficiency is the name of the game. It’s what sets great construction companies apart from the average ones. Think of us as a project manager. Our goal as a company is to cut waste, maximize value, reinforce jobsite safety and decrease costs and construction time on your project. We find issues before they become issues. When you walk into a Hutton building, you will see the hard work and pride we put into every detail.

But, you might be saying to yourself, “Self… How can I know Hutton backs up what they say?”

It’s simple really. Look at the finished product. Ask our customers. Go talk with subcontractors. We encourage this because we are confident our work lives up to (and exceeds) the expectations of those we work with. You can own a Hutton building and know you have created a legacy for generations to come. Guaranteed.

(Next week, we’ll dive into construction processes like construction management at-risk and design-build to help you understand which process can work for you on your next project.)





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