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  • Ark City Sports Complex

    Location Arkansas City, KS
    Size 210,000 SqFt

  • McPherson YMCA

    Location McPherson, KS
    Size 5,200 SqFt

  • El Dorado YMCA

    Location El Dorado, KS
    Size 43,500 SqFt

  • Marion Sports Aquatic Center

    Location Marion, KS
    Size 48,100 SqFt

Recreational Projects Are A Team Sport at Hutton

Few construction projects are more satisfying than creating a space to fill with healthy, fun-loving families, like a high school stadium or a brand-new YMCA. We have to admit, we also have a good deal of fun building them. There’s a lot to plan when your facility needs to accommodate several basketball courts and the structural and environmental challenges of Olympic-style swimming pools. And the building committee is invariably a diverse and devoted group of people, quite enthusiastic and intensely protective of the interests of their neighbors. Bringing together the best ideas, forming new community partnerships and seeing this collaboration pay off for future generations Рthis fulfills the Hutton legacy.