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  • Medical Specialists Building

    Location Newton, KS
    Size 10,688 SqFt

  • Manhattan Medical Center

    Location Manhattan, KS
    Size 28,400 SqFt

  • Hutchinson Clinic

    Location Hutchinson, KS
    Size 38,820 SqFt

  • Ridgewood Surgery Center

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 30,000 SqFt

  • Newton Surgery Center

    Location Newton, KS
    Size 75,850 SqFt

  • Webb Medical Office

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 24,826 SqFt

  • Wichita Clinic Founder’s Circle

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 121,000 SqFt

  • Wichita Clinic Eberly Farms

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 33,900 SqFt

Medical Offices Require Hutton’s Specialty Knowledge and Planning

It’s not your neighborhood doctor’s office anymore. Medical offices, like their larger healthcare counterparts, pose unusual design challenges. Healthcare specialties and more affordable, widespread technology have radically changed the model for treatment delivery. A surgery center is a much different space from a dentist’s office. But they have common concerns, work flow, patient comfort, power requirements and future expansion. Our project managers find themselves shifting between the roles of generalists and specialists. Mobility, collaboration and continued research and development are key to our medical office building expertise.