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  • The Halstead Bank

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 5,500 SqFt

  • Lyons Federal Savings

    Location Lyons, KS
    Size 16,300 SqFt

  • Commerce Bank El Dorado

    Location El Dorado, KS
    Size 5,200 SqFt

  • Commerce Bank Downtown Wichita

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 4,330 SqFt

Financial Institutions Are Cornerstones of Quality

Banks hold a special place in the heart of a community. Frequently they represent the very identity of a city, and they say a lot about how much progress and community mean to the citizens. The brass and glass and tile floors of the banks of yesterday conjure the very history of commerce. Not surprising, financial clients are unlikely to suffer compromise in materials or methods, and our Hutton craftsmen relish the chance to showcase their abilities.