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  • Murfin Animal Care Campus

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 26,400 SqFt

  • Crestview Country Club

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 5,900 SqFt

  • Cora’s Playground

    Location Newton, KS

  • Chesapeake Energy Daycare Playground

    Location Oklahoma City, OK

  • Cedar Lakes Clubhouse and Pool

    Location Wichita, KS
    Size 4,500 SqFt

Building for Community Projects Carries a Public Responsibility

Making a lasting community structure carries a sense of responsibility, as well as a sense of honor. When you’ve been entrusted with creating a public place, the demands of collaboration and planning are foremost. Whether it’s a welcome center for the Kansas Turnpike Authority or a campus and animal shelter for the Kansas Humane Society. A country club, a community clubhouse, or just about anywhere people congregate for a common interest. The builder must consider comfort, utility and – sometimes the most challenging element – style.