Innovation In Construction

It’s sad but true, innovation in the construction field has been very slow and nearly nonexistent.   It wasn’t until just a few years ago that companies started looking at how technology or new products could increase productivity, increase quality, or decrease the cost of commercial construction projects.  I believe that over the next few years the way buildings are built is going to change dramatically.  Given pressures from increasing material costs, decreasing skilled labor pools, and shorter and shorter construction schedules, companies are going to have no choice in the matter.

To me this is exciting.  We have an opportunity as a company, as well as just participants in the commercial construction arena, to be a part of re-shaping an industry.  To re-imagine how projects are conceived, planned, designed, bought, and built.  To bring game changing value to projects and their owners through root level collaboration between all the players that help make today’s complex structures a reality.  Just think of all the opportunities!

Just to give you a peek into what our future might hold check out this video of helicopters autonomously assembling a structure from blueprints stored in their memory, it’s amazing!

Check out the video:

What do you think will be different about the way we build things 10 years from now?  What is stopping us from doing that today?  Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.

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