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There was a time when smoke and sludge spewed without fear of environmental or legal consequences, and air pollution wasn’t anything less than the oxygen we were breathing in. Americans were uninformed, uneducated and more concerned about the Beatles breaking up than anything else. The year was 1970, and thanks to then-U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson,… Read More

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As you guys know by now, we unveiled a new look towards the end of last year. As part of our new branding efforts, we wanted to ensure our job site trailers were looking clean and fresh. We got with some real experts on the matter, Lowen Color Graphics, to get these trailers up to par.… Read More

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So you’re ready to dig a hole and put a building in it. Your organization has its proverbial work jeans on and it’s ready to go. Nothing is going to stop you from getting this project done because you needed it yesterday. Ever been there before? Are you there right now? Stop. Take a deep… Read More

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Okay, so you’ve been to our website, you’ve followed us on Facebook and Twitter, and you may have even read our article a few months back about what we’re made of. But maybe you still don’t know who we are. Whether you are just hearing about us or you’re an old friend, we think it’s… Read More

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Hutton Construction recieved two awards at the Ceco Building Systems’ National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.  Hutton was recognized for achieving $5 million in cumulative sales and $500,000 in annual sales.   Brett Budd of Hutton Construction accepted the awards from Ceco Vice President of Sales, Lynn Chesnut and Ceco President, Roger Burlingame. Ceco Building… Read More

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With nearly 2.5 inches of rain in the last four days, progress presses forward at our AGCO Paint Facility project in Hesston, KS. We broke ground in November 2011 and the mild  winter definitely was beneficial, so it is going to take a lot more than a little rain to slow us down!

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Being recognized for a job well done is always nice.  Being recognized by your industry peers is particularly great!  Each year at the annual convention for the Kansas chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America the organization gives awards for successful projects.    In order to be considered, contractors must submit pictures and write-ups detailing… Read More

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It’s sad but true, innovation in the construction field has been very slow and nearly nonexistent.   It wasn’t until just a few years ago that companies started looking at how technology or new products could increase productivity, increase quality, or decrease the cost of commercial construction projects.  I believe that over the next few years… Read More

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